Why you should cancel that subscription

Nowadays it’s impossible to not be subscribed to at least one entertainment service. Whether it be Spotify, Netflix, Hulu or Twitch – more and more of the things we love are accessible for a convenient monthly price and a rolling contract.

But as inflation rises and entertainment companies invest more cash into original productions, consumers are finding their subscription prices rising rapidly. I joined Netflix in 2015 when it was £5.99 a month – my current plan is now double that amount.

In this article, I’ll be discussing the benefits of cutting out and streamlining your subscription portfolio. Trust me, you don’t need all of these apps.

You’ll save a lot more money than you think

Sure, £5 a month doesn’t sound like that much money.

But when you add it all up amongst your other subscriptions, your monthly entertainment outgoings can quickly reach an eye-watering amount. 

Make a list of benefits and drawbacks for each service you’re subscribing to. For example, if you’re subscribed to Amazon Prime, do you actually use all of those extra benefits? Do you even order from Amazon enough to make it worth it? It could be time to cut the cord.

It’s important to view your subscriptions logically and ask yourself whether the price is justified in how much you use it. If you’re unsure, unsubscribe. You can always rejoin if you’re finding it tough to go cold turkey.

Take advantage of offers and discounts

There are so many subscription services out there – literally thousands.

Some are so much more competitive than the cash cows and household name providers. I’d encourage you to go out and research alternative platforms for the stuff you’re really interested in.

Other platforms might have some tempting joining offers or discounts. Just make sure you don’t sign up for too many, otherwise you’ll be straight back to square one again!

It’s probably accessible elsewhere

Whatever you’re into, chances are it’s accessible elsewhere.

If you’re hooked on Spotify, try out the free version of Soundcloud. If you’re into true crime documentaries and can’t justify the Netflix spend, try browsing on YouTube instead. There’s so much great entertainment out there waiting to be found. Best of all, it’s often free.

Just see what happens

Sometimes you’ve just got to go for it.

It might be hard to picture life without a subscription that you’ve had for almost a decade. Some might call their dedication to a subscription platform a habit, and not a good one.

But if you’re really in a pickle and need to save some cash, or just fancy giving yourself a challenge, give it a go. Unsubscribe and see where you’re at in a week or so.

You’ll gain a bucket load of extra time to learn a new hobby, meet new people or just have fun.

Good luck, and let us know how you get on! 

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