Overcoming the fear of doing things alone

Do you ever find yourself avoiding doing things alone? If so, you’re not alone. Ironically. Many people are afraid of doing things by themselves. This fear can hold us back from achieving goals, trying new things and living a full life. In this blog post, we will discuss the causes of this fear and how […]

Living in Balham vs Tooting: Comparison

Introduction to Balham Balham is a charming neighbourhood in South London, England. Balham is largely in the Wandsworth borough of London. The population of the area is currently believed to be approximately 15,000 people. Introduction to Tooting Tooting is a well-known neighbourhood in South London, England. Tooting is located in the Wandsworth borough of London. […]

Living in Balham vs Clapham: Comparison

Introduction to Balham Balham is an attractive district in South London, England. Balham is mostly located in the London borough of Wandsworth. Currently, the area has an estimated population of around 15,000. Read more: Living in Balham Introduction to Clapham Clapham is a popular district in South London, England. Clapham is mostly located in the […]

Why you should cancel that subscription

Nowadays it’s impossible to not be subscribed to at least one entertainment service. Whether it be Spotify, Netflix, Hulu or Twitch – more and more of the things we love are accessible for a convenient monthly price and a rolling contract. But as inflation rises and entertainment companies invest more cash into original productions, consumers […]

Why walking alone can be fun

I’m a huge advocate of doing anything alone. Going to the cinema alone, going to a coffee shop alone, and going for long walks alone are some of my favourite things to do in my downtime. Walking alone for pleasure isn’t just for introverts. You can listen to music or a podcast and tune out […]

Is it normal not to have a hobby?

It is perfectly normal to feel like you don’t have a hobby. You might be incredibly busy with work or school. You might have been focusing on family or personal issues that have swallowed up your free time. You might not have the energy to pursue a hobby. There are a whole host of reasons […]

Do I need a tap water filter in London?

You don’t need a tap water filter whilst you’re in London – but we would definitely recommend it. London water really does taste different when compared to the tap water of other regions in the UK. There are a few reasons for this, which we will cover in this article. You’ll often hear that London […]

The importance of background noise when studying or working

There are a couple of different interpretations of ‘background noise’. Some people may think of background noise as the humble hum of a fridge, or the distant sound of cars passing by. Others recognise background noise as a podcast or music playing in headphones as they work or study. In today’s article, we’ll be discussing […]

Why persistence is important for success

There are many important factors that contribute to success. Talent, intelligence, and luck can all be said to play a role in determining how successful someone is. However, one of the most overlooked factors for success is persistence. Without persistence, it is very difficult to achieve anything significant. In this blog post, we will discuss […]

5 reasons why shopping alone is the best

When it comes to shopping, sometimes it’s best to go it alone. Some people believe that solo shopping is the only way to shop. Others think that shopping should be a social activity. In this blog post, we will discuss five benefits of going shopping alone – and why you should consider doing it yourself. […]