Overcoming the fear of doing things alone

Do you ever find yourself avoiding doing things alone?

If so, you’re not alone. Ironically.

Many people are afraid of doing things by themselves. This fear can hold us back from achieving goals, trying new things and living a full life.

In this blog post, we will discuss the causes of this fear and how to overcome it.

We’ll also provide some tips for doing things alone successfully!

Why am I afraid of doing things alone?

The fear of doing things alone can have many causes. Some people are afraid to do something because they think it’s not safe or that others will judge them negatively if they see them doing it by themselves.

Others may feel uncomfortable doing an activity without another person present due to social anxiety disorders and other mental health issues. Whatever the reason, it will take some work to get to a point where you’re comfortable going solo.

How do I get the courage to do things alone?

The first step to getting over the fear of doing things alone is acknowledging that it exists and recognizing that there are ways to overcome it.

After that, you’ll need to muster up some courage and take small steps toward doing the things you’re afraid of.

  • Focus on the task at hand
  • Research – but don’t over-research
  • Join forums or communities
  • Talk it over with someone
  • Just go for it!

Start small and go big

If doing things alone makes you anxious, doing too much at once can be utterly overwhelming.

Instead, start small and build up to doing more challenging activities alone.

You might not be ready to go on vacation by yourself quite yet (neither am I), but you could probably handle eating lunch or running simple errands without a friend by your side.

To make it easier, try bringing along a familiar book, a gripping podcast or your favourite album.

Don’t miss out on opportunities

Picture the scene. You’ve seen that your favourite artist is being featured at a local exhibition. Or, your favourite band is rolling into town.

You ask your friends if they would like to come – it’s a resounding ‘no’ across the board – and you’re stuck with a missed opportunity and an empty schedule.

It can be liberating to step out of your comfort zone in this situation and see how great it feels to be independent.

You should never let friends hold you back from doing something you love. Chances are that being alone will allow you to enjoy the experience more!

Doing things that you’re passionate about alone can be a really empowering experience, so don’t let fear hold you back.

Boosting confidence

Taking the plunge and doing something by yourself can be a really effective way to boost your confidence.

Once you’ve done it once, doing things alone will feel considerably easier and more comfortable.

You’ll also realise that doing things alone doesn’t have to mean doing them in complete solitude.

There will be plenty of people doing the exact same thing.

Final thoughts

So, if you’re feeling held back by fear, remember that starting small can be a great way to begin the journey of overcoming it.

Be brave, do your research and go for it – the rewards will be worth it.

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