How to deal with the ‘Sunday scaries’

Have you ever woken up on a Sunday morning with a feeling of dread? When you try to think about what’s making you feel that way, you can’t really pinpoint it. 

And yet there it is, nagging at the back of your mind. You’re not sure where it came from, but it’s there… and it’s not going away.

This sensation actually has a name: the Sunday Scaries.

We all know them. That feeling of dread as you head into the final day of the weekend, knowing that Monday’s right around the corner. But why do we get them? And what can we do about them?

Read on to find out more!

What are the Sunday Scaries?

The term “Sunday scaries” refers to that creeping sense of anxiety and dread that begins on Sunday. For some, it kicks in around the afternoon, but others experience it immediately in the morning.

It can be brought on by anything from an upcoming project at work to concerns about the past week’s mistakes, but it has one thing in common: It always happens on Sundays.

Are the Sunday Scaries normal?

The short answer is yes, they are. Everyone gets them from time to time. A lot of people get the Sunday Scaries every week, but others might only get them if they have something really stressful coming up in their lives.

How bad can they be?

For most, they are temporary and not very intense. But for some, the Sunday scaries can be debilitating. 

While it may not seem like a big deal to shake off those anxious feelings and head back to bed, brushing aside your Sunday scaries can actually be detrimental – especially if they’re accompanied by a hangover or other substance-induced symptoms.

It’s important to realise why you’re feeling this way, and tackle that problem head-on to ensure that you’re not doomed to fall victim to the Sunday scaries.

What are other words for the Sunday Scaries?

There are a few different names or terms for this sensation of impending doom. You may have heard it being called the “Sunday Blues,” “Sunday Night Syndrome,” or simply “Sunday Night Anxiety”.

Dealing with the Sunday Scaries

You might feel like there’s nothing you can do about the Sunday scaries, but there are actually several ways to help you deal with them and ease the panic. Here’s just a few things you could try:

  • Fill up on fresh, healthy foods as much as possible throughout the day so your body has plenty of nutrients to fight off stress hormones (like cortisol). It can be so easy to reach for the fast-food on Sundays, but try your best to fight that urge!
  • Take some deep breaths: breath in for four seconds, hold for four seconds then breathe out for four seconds. Repeat until you can feel your body relaxing a little bit more with each rep.
  • Try doing something creative: Whether it’s drawing, making music, writing or even cooking up a meal – get up and do something different. Feeling like you have accomplished something can make your Sunday feel a whole lot better.
  • Plan out the week ahead. This might sound counterintuitive, but organisation can really help to quell the anxiety and dread. Give yourself a sense of what you’ll be doing throughout the week, and recognise when you’ll have free time to relax and enjoy yourself.
  • Start planning a life change. When it comes down to it, your Sunday scaries are probably a result of work. Working a job that stretches you mentally or physically is a guaranteed precursor to the Sunday scaries. If you’re not enjoying work, perhaps start looking into a different job or career path. It’s never too late to switch it up.

Final thoughts

So, there we have it. I hope you have learned a little more about exactly what you’re experiencing.

It’s important to remember that millions of people across the world experience the Sunday scaries. It’s a known phenomenon that has become synonymous with the way our society functions.

But know that you don’t have to go through this every Sunday. There are ways to deal with the Sunday scaries. Start making small, incremental changes to your weekends and see where it takes you. The worst thing you could do is do nothing.

Let us know how you cope with the Sunday scaries in the comments below!

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